First Date Advice For Men

First Date Advice For Men

Giving an advice for the first date is one of the professional and proficient work. I am a big zero in the matter of love tips and tricks, but I have spent my maximum time in an environment where it is all a common thing.  We also did a survey where we put all the question to the men that If they go for a first date what they would like to do? We got various funny and impressive date advice for men. So go on, First Date Advice For Men.


There are lot’s of things which you will have to keep in your mind during dating your partner. If you are going to your first date, then seriously, you will get amazing response if you will follow our tips and tricks. Dating is not a big task for you, it’s just a state of mind. So keep reading our First Date Advice For Men below.

First Date Advice For Men

1) Do Practice

As, I have above said that dating to a girl is not a big task but various things, you will have to keep in your mind. So, I want to say to you that you must practice for once like what kind of questions you will ask from her? What you’re willing to do her?


Meeting with a unknown person for the first time creates enough suspense and mystery so I would like to say that you must be prepare for your first date. There is a proverb too that First Impression Is Last Impression. So don’t do any mistake from yourself just go for your first date and try your luck.

2) Don’t Show Off

People do often one of the silly mistakes on their date. Don’t splash on your first date. According to me, Girls hate those people who pretense themselves. Show yourself as you really are, don’t profess at your first, even though what you are?


But I am not saying that don’t say anything. Say whatever you want to say but keep one thing in your mind that be yourself that what you are actually. Seriously, your date will be definitely impressed to you.

3) Plan Your First Date

If you want everything to be perfect then make a plan for your first date. It can be the best idea for your first date. If you follow this idea then surely you will not waste your time. You will have enough time to spend the time with each other. So make a impressive plan for your date.


4) Make An Amazing Impression

If you don’t lose your date then make an amazing impression on her. Try to focus on her, but keep in mind that she is focusing on you or not. Try to be your self, wherever you go. Also very important that wear some best and appropriate clothes that makes senses.


Behave like a gentleman, be nice to all and don’t do foolish act on your first date. Give attention to her and know more about her.

Also Check :


  • If you like a girl then don’t need to show off too much.
  • Don’t ignore her, try to focus on her.
  • If she is not interested in you then don’t do force with her for accepting to you.
  • Know her likeness, dis-likeness and hobbies.
  • Don’t be silent on your first date, but don’t talk to much. Be polite and confident.

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