Happy Birthday Funny Wishes

Happy Birthday Funny Wishes

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes is one of the best ways to impress and make laugh to anyone. Why should we wish to anyone with Happy Birthday Funny Wishes. Because, on the day of Birthday, we all want to smile and live happy for the whole day. But there are many who doesn’t feel happy because they have very busy schedule and they don’t have time to celebrate. They celebrate Their Birthday Alone.

For those kind of person, we should wish with Happy Birthday Funny Wishes. At least they can laugh at their birthday’s day. If you have any friend like this so try to make him laugh. He/She will feel happy inside their heart. Don’t leave them alone on their birthday. When your birthday boy/girl is free, meet with him/her. Do enjoy the whole night.

Happy Birthday Funny Wishes

Check out below very hilarious Happy Birthday Funny Wishes. Scroll the page and get very funny birthday wishes specially for your friends. But keep one thing in your mind. If your friend doesn’t like Funny Wishes then don’t send him/her Funny Birthday Wishes.

Happy Birthday Funny Wishes

It’s your birthday and

I think it’s the right time to remind you

That my birthday is closing too.

!Happy birthday!


It’s your birthday.

So, get ready to check the notifications

For next 24 hours.

!Happy Birthday Buddy!


I never make any joke

That is related to age.

Because I know

It hurts someone like you.


Let me wish you as the very first person.

I don’t want anyone to do that before me.


You are someone

Whose birthday can easily be remembered

Without using any kind reminder options.


I feel jealous because

You get the most wishes on birthday.

!!Happy birthday!!


At the age of fifty,

You are dancing like only twenty years old,

You look amazing,

!!Happy birthday!!


No matter how big or small the cake is.

Remember that you get older every year.


There are lots of candles on the cake.

So, I guess you need a big lungs to blow all them out.

!!Happy Birthday LOL!!


Your small cake doesn’t

Have enough space to fit all

Those candles and also our appetite.


I think, above given Happy Birthday Funny Wishes are very amazing and sweet. If you also like these all wishes then don’t feel shy for using it. Just choose your favorite one’s funny wishes and send to your best friends. We keep sharing Funny Birthday Wishes so stay connected with us.

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