Why Does My Boyfriend Hates Me

Why Does My Boyfriend Hates Me

Actually few days ago, I met with my one of the close friends and she was really very upset because of her boyfriend. She was telling to me that her boyfriend feel little discomfort with her. I felt very anxious for her. She asked to me Why Does My Boyfriend Hates Me? I was totally silent that time because I don’t know why he was doing this with her. But that time, I thought she also may be faulty and her boyfriend may be too. She was crying continuously and I was trying to understand her that everything will be fine few days after. Why are you crying please don’t cry? My sympathy with her.

Then I reached at my home and I was feeling commiseration for  her. Some days after, I asked her about their relationship. She told me that everything is going worst and worst and she also told me that she was faulty that time because she doubt on him and told me many thing why does her boyfriend hates her? So that time I decided to write about Why Does My Boyfriend Hates Me? So below we are sharing some points If you are also doing these kind of absurd things then stop these things otherwise your relationship will be over soon.

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Why Does My Boyfriend Hates Me

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Why Does My Boyfriend Hates Me

1) You Doubt On Him

Mostly relationship get end because of this reason only. You shouldn’t doubt on him until you catch him red handed with other girl. But if you catch him with other girl so first you asked about her and try to clear all things. But If you think he is making to fool you so surely you should move on.

2) He Doesn’t Like You

Simple and very common sense that If he likes you then definitely he will love you not hate you. But If, he is doing time pass with you then there is a possibility to hate you.

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3) Don’t Bounded To Him

If you bound him then surely your relationship is in risk. Your relationship will be over at any time. We hate restrictions so If you put restrictions on him then surely he will hate you. Don’t try to bound him that Don’t go there, don’t talk to that person,  don’t do these thing, etc.

4) You Are Deceiving Him

If you are just pretending to love him then surely you are doing wrong with him. Because, No one is fool here. Everyone understand that who is caring or not. So don’t do this otherwise you will lose your love and get over your relationship.

If you are doing these kind of things then how can you expect to get love. I would also say that you don’t deserve love, If you are playing with someone’s emotion. But If you love him truly and he is ignoring to you then surely you should move one because he doesn’t deserve to your love.

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